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Roaring South is a compilation of Punk/Rock/Hardcore music from Cornwall/Devon/Bristol and London. This is my final major project for my Graphic Design degree here in Plymouth. To promote the release of it I’m holding a competition to win 3 copies of the vinyl album complete with hand cut and printed artwork and poster as well as some bonus stuff. Just reblog this post, as many times as you want, before the 25th of May 2014 and I will draw the winners from there. 5 Runners up will receive a hand printed A2 poster.

Tracks (including some exclusive and previously unreleased on vinyl) from the following bands feature on the album -

Woahnows, The Blowouts, Crows-an-Wra, BRUNEL, Milk Teeth, Silent Front, Boxkite, USA Nails, Patrons, Head Of Programmes, The Jerks and Guns Under The Table.

Prints and Pre Orders for the album are available at - Roaring South BigCartel

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*dr who theme*

Oh peter

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Had a dream I was touring with a successful band in America, and Betfred rang me and asked if I could work a shift in the Cali branch.

Quite telling haha

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The 1975, Matthew Healy


The 1975, Matthew Healy

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It never ceases to sadden me, how little people care for each other anymore. What the fuck happened to friendship? Like, the real, considerate, endless kind. Maybe it doesn’t exist and my expectations of people are never going to be met.

I am so fucking good to people who are good to me, yet I always seem to be the one who gets left behind.

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